Thursday, August 16, 2012

August and everything else

August is a good month. It's the time that I start looking forward to autumn: cooler weather, school supplies, sweaters (maybe not until November), holidays to get ready for, etc. 

August is a good month because there aren't any major holidays, except for my birthday. I'm not shy about announcing my birthday. When I taught 5th grade, I would make it a week long celebration. I would hang pictures of myself all over the classroom. I would serve my favorite treats to them. It was my way of saying, "We just started another school year, and you guys have it good. Let's celebrate my awesomeness."

Because it's my birthday month, I like to set new goals for my 28th year. 
Here's a sample:
· Carry your camera around
· Eat salad for lunch
· Try a Clark bar. 


  1. Woohooo!!!! Birthday month!!!! Let the celebrating begin!!!!! Candy!!!!!

    1. Are you talking about your child's birthday or mine? I already have competitive feelings because your little decided to be born in my month.

  2. Birthdays are the best. Particularly my own. Which is next month. So no competition here. I'm sure yours is going to be fantasmic and if you have a party I am inviting myself to it because I want to be real life friends. And so should you. You should probably add it to your goals.

  3. I KNEW there was something special to celebrate in August! :-)

  4. I love hearing about what a great teacher you are! It really takes the edge off sending my oldest to kindergarten in a few days. I hope he gets teachers like you!!