Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cherry Chick-a-dee

That tiny red chair belonged to June's great grandma. I love tiny red chairs.

And what is it about tiny fruits on tiny children that is just the sweetest thing ever? My creative, talented, funny, everything I want to be friend, Debbie, found this gem and kindly let June wear it. She has the best vintage clothes shop on Etsy; I've found some of my favorite shirts there. Take a look and keep going back, she's always adding things.
June has been a little inconsistent on her sleeping habits lately. She's also been slightly clingy...
It's hard to tell if it's because of her teething, or the rain, or the heat that forces us to stay indoors, or the lack of fruit snacks in our cupboard, or the fact that she knows exactly where we keep the Otter Pops and she can't understand why we won't give her one every single waking minute of the day.

Despite everything, she has starting grabbing my hand to hold, voluntarily plopping herself in my lap, and giving us the most gentle kisses.

I'm the luckiest.


  1. She really is so very sweet! What a cute little girl. And I love how much she looks like her mama. Also you said really nice things about me, thanks. And the other day I was thinking that I wished we lived closer together and could see each other more and then I remembered when we used to live right by each other and never got together! I regret that.

    1. I thought the same thing! Let's be better, starting now.

  2. My little niece June and that little dress are TO DIE FOR!!! I think London needs a matching one!!!

  3. Is this a magazine cover??!!!!

  4. I'm so glad she is snuggling into your lap! But please yank her off this very second, so you can get to work researching Beautiful Baby Contests in which to enter this photo!!!!!!!!!