Friday, August 24, 2012

I've unsuccessfully re-fashioned a few shirts in my day, but this one actually looks legit. The neck was too large, and somehow I was able to stitch it up into a proper neck size. Now my life can go on.

See that chalkboard I'm standing in front of? Our goal was to cross off everything before summer ends, and since we decided summer officially ends on Labor day, we still have a few things we need to accomplish before then:
· Matt's Big Breakfast - We heard we have to go early, and it's been pretty difficult waking up early on Saturdays.
· Paint our bedroom - I guess I should clean it first.
· Postino's - Technically I've been, but William hasn't, so I guess I just have to go again. (Oh man I love that place so bad right now.)
· Open Mic Night - Probably won't happen, but at least we've had a couple jam sessions.
· Make a berry pie and homemade tortillas - Actually, I'm planning on making a blueberry tart this week (and I'm counting that as a pie).
· Host Suppa' Club - Sorry we've been slacking, Suppa' Club members. We'll try and hurry it on up.

Everything else was crossed off and made for a busy and fantastic summer. Let's bring on the Fall Festivities.


  1. Can I please have 2 blueberry tarts?

  2. Oh my gosh!! You look just like Marilyn in that picture!! So cute!

  3. I want to help make open mic night happen.

  4. Cute!! Someday I'll refashion a shirt. And then I'll have you model it for me.