Monday, August 6, 2012

Sometimes ups outnumber the downs

1. Good-looking cousins with good-looking kids.
2. Cornhole with June... a Utah staple.
4. Water-watchin' at City Creek
5. Good times and a good hair day on the Alpine coaster.
6. View on the bridge at City Creek
7. Locked out, but don't mind since we don't experience AZ weather in UT.
8. Booty shake with William's good-looking cousins
9. My first Park City visit. AHHHH-MAZING.

In July, June and I went to Utah twice.

The first time, we flew up with my mom and visited mostly her side of the family. The trip was so fun and again reiterated my belief that I have the funniest family on the planet. They are also the best storytellers (it helps that they also have the best stories to tell). Thanks to my mom for letting me come and treating us to shopping days and good eats. Thanks to my Aunt Carol and Judy for their amazing hospitality. Thanks to Jane and Susan (June's 3rd Grandma) for having such a beautiful home and a perfect lunch. Thanks to Katie and Aileen for traveling great distances to meet June. Thanks to Amy for just being plain awesome.

The second time we went to Utah, we went for a funeral. Then it turned into two funerals. I am so grateful that I got to know how wonderful Grandma B and Uncle Richard are. But I probably won't eat anymore funeral potatoes for a while. 

And of course, it's also always great to spend time with my in-laws: BBQs (my favorite meals), dance parties (complete with costumes), settling Cataan, and Alpine rides with NO BRAKES. Thanks to my in-laws for creating the best memories... and for being so good to June, even though times are tough for her when she's jet-lagged.

Now, a note:

Dear Uncle Reed,

While in Utah attending two funerals, hearing about your sneaky heart attack nearly gave me one. Please refrain from those Dana treat cravings.

Niece Jenny


  1. Jenny, the sun shines a little brighter in Utah when you visit!! So fun to see you!

  2. I'm with Susan! When Jenny is around, the sun shines brighter. The haboobs are are cleared, and the haweiners are kept at bay.

    Let's meet up again soon!