Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Awkward Picture of the Week

If you look/listen really close to the above picture, I'm gritting my teeth and saying "TAKE THE DANG PICTURE. I'M HUNGRY." Truly.

We recorded our Christmas song today. I'm not gonna lie: it's our best one yet. I don't want to go too much into detail about our song before it's released, but if this was 1995, we would probably be a big deal.

Listening to: our Christmas song, DUH.
Eating: toffee. So. Much. Toffee.
Elated: about me and my buddies being nominated for Harry Potter Fans of the Year. Please vote "Hailey and friends" here. It takes 2 seconds. Unless you vote twice, then it will take 4 seconds.
Anxious: about Christmas shopping. William and I still haven't gone yet. How many more days?
Watching: my favorite scene from Elf. ("Why is there a skeleton over there? If I squint he looks like a pirate flag.") When Will Ferrell screams after getting pricked, I think James Caan is laughing.


  1. Is there going to be an awkward photo featured every week? Cause I'm all over that (unless it involves me. No Chinese Andrea on the internets)