Monday, December 19, 2011

World Premiere

The wait is over:

Willy-B-Licious (William) and Pawz Jenkees (Me) present: "Frosting" featuring Mizz June.

Can you tell William's mixing skillz have improved? And Mizz June's sounds are seriously the "FROSTING" on the cake.

This is our 3rd Christmas we've written a song. It's probably my favorite tradition, you better believe we'll continue it. (I think by 2019, we'll release our Christmas album with all our songs, then rake in the royalties for the rest our lives.)

Here are past Christmas songs from previous years:

2010: Baby It's NOT that Cold Outside

2009: Gather Around (It's a Campfire Christmas)

(video by Robz)

Campfire Christmas Remix: Christmas Eve

(Can you tell I was thrilled to do this video?)

Merry Christmas World!


  1. Now this is my kind of song! WOW!

  2. Mizz June's UUHHahhhhhh at the end was definitely the frosting! haha you guys crack me up! definitely the best christmas song yet!

  3. Another instant hit!!!!

    Please call me if you ever decide to make a video for this. I'm envisioning gold chains and bikinis, and I want in.

  4. These are sooo funny, and I have to say, 2011 is epic. It was so legit!

  5. Love it! You are so funny Jenny! And why did I not know that you and William are musical? Oh and how do you know Alyssa Monahan?

  6. I can't handle all this rad-ness. Really, I can't handle it. This is amazing. I'm sort of obsessed with you guys (okay mainly June)... is that awkward?