Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas with the Coombs

Here is the Coombs Family Interpretation of the Nativity Scene:

1. Two angels (one is very upset and the other is pre-occupied with Rapunzel's hair)
2. Chubbs playing a sheep (or some sad-looking camel)
3. A capsized Pirate Ship
4. A 20-pound baby Jesus
5. Four Shepards + one Joseph (although no one seems to know which one is Joseph)
6. Festive shoes

We don't know where Mary is either.

Christmas was wonderful. It always is at my mom's house.

It's time for another nonsensical list of my holiday happenings:

Mi Amigos Chimis and Enchiladas
Toffee. Lots of it.
"Single Ladies" London dancing
Grant dancing
Carson dancing and laughing
Easton playing the piano
Mitch playing the piano
Emerson break dancing ASU style
June refusing to dance
Cherries Jubilee
Santa bag on the doorstep
Excitement as gifts are collected
White Elephant
Bathroom jokes brought to you by the Potty Putter (or whatever it was called)
Christmas Story Lamp
Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness
Last Minute Christmas Shopping
Dinner at Sauce
Sacrament Meeting
Mom's Coffee cake & Bacon
Watch movies
Flying helicopters
Full Stomachs
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night


  1. haha, this is awesome.

    you know what? debbie gave me a bite of that toffee you made and ever since i've been wanting toffee EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  2. Our family is overrun by girls so we had a make-shift Joesph this year complete with a eye-liner beard. It was pretty cool.