Monday, December 12, 2011

"Christmas Morning" Suppa Club

Carli hosted Suppa' Club in December, and it didn't disappoint. We did a breakfast theme, paired up with a Christmas morning theme. Of course, we came in our PJ's and lined up in the hall (by age, notice the boys are in front)...

dashed upstairs...

and opened up our "gifts". (Carli wrapped our plates and silverware).

(I love Daphne's intensity in the above photo. If she's this intense now, I can only imagine what she's like on Christmas morning.)

And Carli even gave a little Christmas gift to June. It's a book called "You Will Be My Friend!" It's seriously the funniest book I've seen in a while. If you like forest creatures and bears that like to hug, you should really get that book.

Here's Carli reading it to a very attentive June:

As for the food, everything was AMAZING, of course. We served up yummy pancakes (go Ashlee), Bacon monkey bread (go me), fruit salad (go Carli), these maple scones (go Daphne)...

... AND Spinach Bacon Quiche. I didn't get a picture of the quiche because it was in the oven while I had my camera out. But it was amazing. Here's the recipe. It's a Paula Deen, so of course it's creamy deliciousness. William even loved it, and he's not a fan of quiche. Good job, Natalie.

Merry Christmas, Suppa' Club! And to all, a good morning!

P.S. My apologies to Ashlee for not getting any photos of you. I'm just going to handcuff the camera to my hands so I remember next time to get a pictures of everything and everyone.

Oh and I'm still amazed with Suppa' Clubs knowledge of Quiktrip food and the Kardashians. We are seriously destined to be together.

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