Friday, December 2, 2011

He's makin' a list...

2011 was a good year for us.

Probably because of this sweet face:

But there's still more to be done before the year is over.

Let the games begin...

- Paint June's Room
- Paint Office Desk
- June's homemade gifts

Traditions (and possibly create more):
- Write and record Christmas Song
- Go to Temple Lights
- Make Gingerbread Houses
- Family Pictures
- Santa's grab bag
- Lots and lots of movie watching (see next list)

- Elf
- Home Alone
- Christmas Story
- Christmas Vacation
- Muppets Christmas Carol

- Queen Creek Olive Mill
- Lucille's BBQ
- New TV

To Make and Eat:
- Dana Toffee
- Homemade Cheesecake
- Laura's Butterscotch Rolls


  1. I love that list but more, I LOVE that pic! So so cute!


    Before you make Alton's Baked Mac n Cheese - Bake in in a 9x13 pan, not a square casserole dish, and double the panko topping. I repeat. Double the panko topping. Trust me. You'll love me as much I as I loved you when you shared William's bean recipe.

    Phew. That was close.

  3. Note to self do not read Jenny's blog when fasting. I am particularly interested in those home made pretzels.