Monday, December 5, 2011

Rudolph with your nose so bright...

When William is sick, it's no fun around here. Not only am I doing everything I can to prevent June and I from getting sick, but William just simply isn't himself. It's hard to get things done around here.

So instead, I continue my holiday crafting.

I'm not sure if this is morbid or awesome:

I'm gonna say awesome now, then morbid when June is old enough to realize who Rudolph is.

And it only took a few supplies:

Paper-mached reindeer, wood plaque, wood stain, white spray paint, hot glue gun, and a red pom-pom. Saw the head off, spray paint it, stain the wood plaque, glue head and nose on, hang on wall, watch as children gasp in horror that Rudolph's head is mounted on your wall.

Listening to: Harvest Moon by Neil Young. It's very calming. I'm not quite into the Christmas music yet... maybe when we break out our gingerbread houses.
Eating: Tillamook Cheese and Utah Apples.
Thankful for: talented people that do free printables. I saw that project on Pinterest and was planning on making it, but couldn't find a decent world map for cheap. Then Angela came along, and now all I have to do is print it out. Thank you imaginary friend of mine, Angela.
Anticpating: getting our family pictures taken tomorrow. We were rained out on Saturday, William was sick today, so we're trying again tomorrow.
So proud: to be featured on Mugglenet. Thank you Hilary and Harms!! Best Christmas present ever. Oh how I miss our Potter Parties!


  1. Angela is a friend of mine and her talent is just insane! The Rudolph idea is genius. I love it.

  2. That is so amazing brilliant! I love it! ..and Rudolph was old anyway