Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 was the best year so far. Mostly because of this little nugget:

How's about some goals for 2012?
1. Go outside more.
2. Plan meals better (make freezer meals, follow a meal calendar, etc.), which brings me to my next goal...
3. "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." (see list below.)
4. Read 'Jesus the Christ'.
5. Develop good studying habits.
6. Go to bed earlier and develop a better bedtime routine (wash face, floss, brush teeth, prayers, scriptures, plan, read, etc.)
7. Organize my house.
8. Take more photos. Take a photography class. Read the camera manual. Get a camera lens. Print and organize the photos.
9. Go to the library once a month. Return books on time.
10. Have more fun with William and June. Take a trip? Go on more dates? (I use question marks because I haven't discussed this with William.)

That's all for now.

Eating: an apple. BAM. Already off to a good start.
Listening to: The Black Keys "El Camino". OH MY. SO GOOD.
Reading: "In Defense of Food". This is the book that will hopefully change my diet (See #3). I've only read the first chapter and I'm already converted. I just hope it lasts...
Wondering: what happened to the cold weather? Seriously, don't go.
Planning to FINALLY bake: these cookies. William bought me some bread flour and cake flour. You're also probably wondering what these cookies have to do with my new diet. First, this is where portion control comes into play. Second, be quiet.


  1. Let's take a photography class together!!!

  2. There's a photography class in Feb on groupon right now. Act fast. It seems like a good deal, but I really know nothing about these things.

  3. I love the pictures of June that you gave us. I've already put them in her album and the framed one in the livingroom. I love your blog. That needs to be one of my goals this year to start my own. You're inspiring.