Friday, January 6, 2012

The BEAST that had SKABS on his ABS

The Bradfords have a way of leaving their mark after they've stayed at your house for a weekend, sort of like a dog marking his territory (but in a less disgusting way).

Example #1 - My kitchen letters normally spell 'EAT'. Remember when Daniel did this? Well, this time they found more letters and spelled:

In addition to 'BEAST', 'ABS' and 'SKABS' adorned my kitchen shelf as well.

Example #2 - Before the Bradfords came, William and I declared ourselves loser status because our refrigerator was running very low. After the Bradfords came, somehow we tripled our condiment and snack supply. (The Bradfords love their sauces.)

Example #3 - June has been a slight grump because I can't compensate the amount of attention the Bradfords gave her all weekend.

She's also really sweaty too, for some reason.

Example #4 - Dirt Tooth Construction* returned and built us a new, solid desk:

I'll be sure to show a complete 'Before & After' in another post.

Bradfords, please come again soon... we're running out of snacks.

*Dirt Tooth was born during the time William, Daniel, and David built our backyard deck. They call it 'Dirt Tooth' because they all somehow got dirt on their teeth when they were constructing the deck. But usually when people ask what Dirt Tooth Construction is, I tell them it's just the Bradford Brothers arguing over who is the boss of their fake construction company while they fix something they just broke. The End.


  1. I love the kitchen BEAST! LOL LOL LOL!

  2. Jenny, You are so funny and I love coming home and reading your perspective from our visits. We had a lot of fun at your house and thank-you for letting us stay there. I love you.

  3. How blessed you are to have those in-laws!!!

  4. Yes, thank you for letting us stay there!

    PS. That bed is so much stronger and better now that we fixed...what we first broke. Yours is next!