Tuesday, January 10, 2012

June's Golden Idol

I've mentioned before June's obsession with this blanket:

Because she needs to have it in hands or in sight at all times, it's a little tricky to clean it on a regular basis. I've had to develop a strategy.

While June is napping, I sneak her blanket and replace it with a sweater that just so happens to be the same texture. I make the switch Indiana Jones style. (You know the scene when Indy switches the bag of sand for the golden idol? Except I have to do it a little more swiftly and carefully.)

Today, unfortunately, the end result was the same as the movie's:

Caught. Well, at least I wasn't chased around my house by a giant rolling boulder.


  1. Gage has the SAME obsession!!! He has 3 that he wants to take EVERYWHERE! I washed one the other day and he just sttod infront of the washing machine crying for his ba-by.... He had his other 2 in his arms but because we have front loaders he could see his 3rd one and wanted it!!! NOW!!! Also you should now Gage and June look alot a like! Gage's hair is a brighter orangey red and he has blue eyes... But the shape of their face and smile and skin color.... They are pretty perfect!!!;)