Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wilco Lessons

I learned a few things at the Wilco concert last night. Allow me to share...

1. The guy whose job it is to tell you to delete the photo you just took actually LOVES his job. Good for him. Too bad he's not very good at it:

2. At the Gammage, Row 1 actually means Row 4 because there's an A, B and a C row in front of you and everyone knows that ABC comes before Row 1.

3. Drunk middle-aged people are the funniest people to watch at concerts, EXCEPT when they're sitting next to you. Did I say "sitting"? I meant swaying*, singing loudly, dancing*, shouting at us*, and every other obnoxious thing you can think of. The husband looked like Anderson Cooper, but unlike Anderson Cooper this man had no class.

4. If there is assigned seating and you decide you want to dance* and sing in front of MY seat, I will politely tell you to move. If you respond with, "Look, I'm not hurting anyone!", I'll politely respond with "YOU SERIOUSLY BETTER MOVE." and I might have an insane look in my eye that tells you I'm about to go crazy on you. Besides, you WERE hurting me. My ears and eyes are forever imprinted with your awful singing and awkward dancing*.

5. The couple in front of us didn't get the memo that it's not 1994 anymore. They also didn't get the memo that not showering since 1994 is unacceptable.

6. Whoever created the stage design should get a raise. This is what it looked like without the lighting:

7. I actually love seeing shows at Gammage. William and I saw Ben Folds there once, too. SO GOOD.

8. Despite #1-5, we had a blast.

9.. I love Wilco very much. The music was perfect, my favorite was "Art of Almost".

And there you have it.

*This is what I mean when I say the "dancing" that we encountered last night:

Now let us never speak of this video to anyone. EVER.

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  1. Remember that Ben Kweller concert that Lindsey and I saw you at? Well we experienced two similar drunk couples. But the best was when the one drunk guy dropped the other drunk guys camera in his beer.