Wednesday, January 18, 2012

June is super proud to be an American, so I made her the above U.S. map out of fabric scraps. (Sorry to leave you out, Alaska and Hawaii.) This was my inspiration. No, I didn't sew each state on the canvas. It's called Mod Podge and it smells icky.

There's something wrong when you wish your bedroom was the nursery. I think it's finally time that I start decorating my own bedroom.

Listening to: Mumford and Sons. I boarded their train and I dig.
Changed my mind: on paint colors for my bedroom AGAIN. I went from wanting to paint it dark gray to a lighter color when I saw this bedroom and this bedroom. Choosing a paint color is an annoying battle that I fight with myself.
Drinking: Hot chocolate and whipped cream.
Studying every detail of: this trailer. I can't wait.
Elated: that June is loving Sesame Street. I can't wait to get her a Cookie Monster doll.


  1. Love the decor, love the states canvas, love the list!

  2. I noticed that map hanging in the photo of June's room in an earlier post, and almost asked you where you got it. SO cute. Now I feel all inspired to make my own.

  3. Cute USA map! I'm so impressed with your crafty skills...cutting out those states couldn't have been easy:)

  4. Super cute! You're a genius for using mod podge. And I totally want to live in June's room.