Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 things at 10 months

Can you tell I adore my June?

I can't believe in 2 months she'll be a year old.

Here are 10 things I want to remember about June at 10 months:
1. She loves Sesame Street, especially Elmo and Cookie Monster.
2. She wiggles her toes and wrists when she is excited about eating something. Watch:

3. When the door bell rings, she pounces on my lap so that I have no choice but to carry her. She doesn't want to miss who is at the door.
4. She laughs at herself... she thinks she's hilarious. This is usually what it sounds like:

5. She LOVES to play with cell phones. I've had to ban her from my phone because she has somehow managed to call 9-1-1 five times already.
6. She loves clapping to this song and this song. (And loves dancing to William's guitar.)
7. When she hears the bath water running, she can't contain her laughter and shrieking.
8. Chubbs and June are pals.
9. When she sees that William and I are eating ice cream, she IMMEDIATELY pulls out her
pacifier and starts smacking her lips. She knows we can't deny her a few bites.
10. She loves wearing matching hair accessories:

I'm not actually sure if she does, but I do.

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