Tuesday, January 10, 2012

June's Diaper Change Ritual

There is a porcelain pig that guards June's books on the shelves above the changing table.

I have no idea how this ritual began, but it happens every time I change June's diaper. As I lift her from the table, she consistently reaches for the pig and gently touches its face. After a few seconds, she's done.

It's bizarre, but awesome. Maybe she thinks it's good luck... or maybe she dreams of eating bacon?

P.S. Thank you for the pig, Debbie.
Listening to: Wilco Station on Pandora. Next Saturday, I'll be just a few feet from Jeff Tweedy. I can't wait.
Eating: this cookie dough. Did you know you are supposed to refrigerate this dough for 24-36 hours before baking these cookies? Now you know. They seriously better be the best chocolate chip cookies ever, New York Times.
Emptying: our wallets, thanks to my '96 Honda Accord. William and I had big plans to finally do our yard, but I needed new tires and some work done on the engine. Curse you, 16-year-old car.
Entranced by: this photographer's blog. I love those Cinemagraph photos. It's just like the photos from Harry Potter.
Reading: "There's a Monster at the End of this Book" to June. I loved this book when I was little. Did you know there's a sequel?


  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porcellino !! June is so cultured!

  2. Loooove your diapa space. Looove your lil lady's quirks. Loooove grover.