Friday, February 10, 2012

AZ Love Part II

Here is Part 2 of my AZ Love series. See part 1 here.

26. Higley Hot Dog
27. Queen Creek Olive Mill
28. Pizzeria Bianco
29. Arizona Science Center
30. The Little Colorado River (in Greer)
31. Water & Ice
32. Lolo's Chicken and Waffles
33. Indian Fry Bread
34. Downtown Gilbert
35. Lenny's Burgers
36. Moreno's Mexican Food
37. El Taco Tote
38. Bookman's
39. Gecko Grill (PLEASE open soon.)
40. Arizona State Fair (mostly for the food)
41. The Grand Canyon (what I've seen in pictures, anyway.)
42. Cold Stone Creamery (I just had a scoop of Chocolate Cake Batter... DREAMY.)
43. Harkin's Movie Theater
44. Harkin's Movie Theater refillable cups
45. Gilbert High
46. Elmer's Mexican Food
47. Last Chance
48. La Grande Orange
49. Superstition Ranch Market
50. Nielson's Frozen Custard*

Wow... I just realized that most of these are food-related. I wonder if I moved to Wyoming, I'd lose 50 pounds.

*Again, not invented in Arizona, but at least we have one.


  1. will definitely have to remember some of these food places next time i'm in AZ! :)

  2. Mmmmm LO LO's chicken and waffles, mmmmm Elmers! I love that Gilbert High is in the top 50!

  3. there is no way around it...if you're from the Phoenix metropolitan area you're a foodie. i'm definitely missing #27, #32, #48, #55 & #72 right now! also, i notice Postino's is not on your list. if you haven't been, and you like bruschetta and salads, you should go. i believe the location in downtown Gilbert is opening soon. :)