Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello, February.

This month means love and Arizona. I can't wait for the celebrations of each.

Today wasn't the most tranquil day. June didn't get a good nap, and she let me know it all day. Going on a walk, eating pears, and watching Elmo helped to calm her down for the most part.

Listening to: Elliot Smith, especially this song.
Purchased: our plane ticket to Utah... excited, but sad to see Daniel leave on his mission.
Listing: new projects everyday. I want to tackle ones that look like this and this.
Watching: second season of Downton Abbey. I realize I'm one of the last people to ride the Abbey road, but it's worth mentioning.
Reading and Re-reading: this quote. I hope that one day this will apply to me... especially the station wagon part (preferably with wood paneling).


  1. Nope! You're the second to last to ride Abbey road. I'm on season one, episode four. And hooked.

  2. I just got season one. Time to kick back with some ice cream!