Monday, February 6, 2012


June is falling in love with the drums:

She's finally learning to hit all the parts of the drums, not just hitting the two drumsticks together. This is a great start to our little drummer girl.

This is what else happened over the weekend:
- Lunch with family at Rosa's
- Dinner with friends at Natalie's
- Birthday Party at Debbie's
- Lots of baking, should have been cleaning
- Errands (getting the boring stuff like mouth wash and shaving cream)
- Time Machine in Primary - this was the highlight. My good friend, Carly, teaches Sharing Time and she built a "time machine" (out of a refrigerator box) to transport a scriptural figure to our Primary Room. (This was something my mom created when Carly and I were both wee little primary children.) So William dressed up as Noah (thanks to my mother-in-law's awesome costume closet) and it was hilarious. My favorite part was watching "Noah" stumble out of the time machine and seeing the kid's faces in shock.
- Steak, potatoes, and cake for Sunday dinner.

You'll notice that watching the Super Bowl isn't on the list. Yep.


  1. you girls are so creative - a time machine?! yep, that's pretty awesome. also, i didn't watch the super bowl either;)

  2. June's hair is so thick!! What a little doll! I LOVE prophet time machines. Too cute :-)

  3. I've always loved the time machine idea and can't wait to use it one day. Awesome!