Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AZ Love Part IV

Happy 100th to my home state!

My first three lists are here, here, and here...

... and here's the last part, most of it being my favorite images.

76. My parent's backyard
77. The fact that the bola tie is the official state neckwear
78. Camelback mountain
79. Arcadia area
80. Frances
81. The experience I had in the city of Nogales
82. Arizona news shows (because my relatives report them)
83. Arizona Museum for the Youth in Mesa
84. My June was born in this state:

85. Concerts at Gammage:

86. This view in Downtown Prescott:

87. A lake in Prescott

88. When Downtown Prescott decorates with our state flags

89. This view at Joe's BBQ

90. This view in the White Mountains

91. This view from Sunrise Ski Lift

92. Greer Lodge:

93. Yellow wildflowers in the White Mountains:

94. Greer Lake:

95. The bakeries in Mexican grocery stores:

96. This daily view:

97. This view at Zia Records:

98. I wish I could see this more:

99. A lake in Show Low

100. Grassy knolls in Pine/Strawberry

Okay now everyone who comments needs to tell me things I missed or need to try... GO!


  1. I loved these and did a post in reply :)!

  2. This is fabulous! I hear Arizona wanted to blog everything it loves about the Bradfords, but it couldn't narrow the list down to 100.