Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kids in a Candy Store

William owns a gum ball machine at our local Water & Ice. This means two things:
1) Every 3-4 months when we retrieve our quarters, we get to purchase a delicious treat. Water & Ice is STOCKED.
2) We get to see the latest candies (Did you know that Mambas have a gummy version? And there is also a candy/sucker/toy called 'Pop n Lock'.)

William, one day we should spend all our machine quarters on treats and soda.

Pop n Locks fo' life!

Listening to: Monsters of Folk... I wish they would make another album.
Annoyed: at flight fees. Nobody buy plane tickets from U.S. Airways anymore. That'll show 'em.
Reading: a book about gardening in small spaces. We are getting close to putting in our yard.
Purchased: plenty of produce from Superstition Ranch Market today. Now the race is on to eat it all before it goes bad.
Wearing: maternity pants. No, I'm not pregnant nor have I gained weight... it's just been that kind of day.

1 comment:

  1. First, did you buy their whole selection of Pop 'n' Locks?! Second, your maternity pants confession is the best. Finally, I want to own a gumball machine!