Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Breakfast with June

As soon as June sits in the high chair, there better be food on the tray. So while I'm slicing the bananas or toasting the toast, I put a few Gerber Cheetos on the tray to make her happy. That girl loves her Cheetos in the morning.

She does this funny thing that I want to remember. When an object is elongated, she takes her pointer finger and gently touches the end of it. She does it with all her Cheetos:

See another adorable ritual here.
Laughing at: these pictures of June and her buddy, Cora, at the playground. June is still not crawling around yet, so she just watches other kids or sadly leans on the playground equipment. Thanks, Holly, for the laugh.
Eating: Thin crust pizza for breakfast. If June can eat Cheetos for breakfast...
Watching: Being Elmo. I may have teared up in a few parts. Why is that little muppet so endearing to me?!
Anticipating: June's birthday party. June's uncles (and maybe her grandma!) are going to be here.
Reading: this talk by Elder Uchdorf. I need to heed his advice about "good sacrifices". I may have stayed up until 12:30am last night putting together some things for June's party (that is still 20 days away).

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