Monday, February 13, 2012

AZ Love Part III

Okay just to clarify, these lists are in no particular order. I've had someone point out that I put the Mesa Temple AFTER swimming, and while a nice swim in the pool on the temple grounds would be refreshing, the temple DOES come first in my heart. So again, these lists are in no particular order.

This is part 3 of my '100 Reasons Why I Love Arizona' to commemorate its 100th birthday. Part 1 is here and part 2 is here.

51. The wonderful fact that all of my immediate family all lives here. Let's keep that up, guys.
52. Cacti and succulents thrive here, two plants that I can't kill.
53. Chandler Fashion Square
54. Soda in styrofoam cups are available almost everywhere.
55. Flancer's
56. Bahama Bucks (Strawberry Colada Bahama Rama Mama.)
57. The glorious drive between Show Low and Springerville. (William and accidently took a wrong turn once and ended up there. It seriously looks like the set of Lord of the Rings.)
58. Sunrise Ski Lift in the summer
59. Fireworks are now legal
60. Lake Powell
61. The abundance of corn fields in the summer
62. No major natural disasters (I'm terrified of earthquakes and tornados)
63. Ned's Crazy Sub
64. Rino D's Pizza
65. Mesa Community College (Go Thunderbirds.)
66. The fact that we're only 6 hours of Disneyland and the beach
67. Orange blossums
68. Sonoran Hot Dogs
69. Wildflowers in the spring
70. Chiles (the spicy veggie, not the restaurant)
71. 2nd Friday in downtown Mesa
72. Liberty Market
73. The fact that we're only 2 hours from snow and forest
74. Grimaldi's, Five Guys, The Habit, In & Out, Ikea, Trader Joe's, and Sprinkles all exist in AZ.
75. My roots in Arizona. I love the stories of my ancestors settling/moving/living here.


  1. Strawberry colada is still my favorite too!

  2. I lived in Springerville and all my family on one side lives there, my husband is from Show Low with his parents still residing there-point being, we make that drive a lot. I LOVE IT!

    This list and the other 2 are so great. I want to move back and now I can give david 75+ reasons why we NEED to!