Tuesday, August 30, 2011

100th post

June's so proud that I've reached my 100th post, she's gonna put her whole fist in her mouth.

For my 100th post, I decided to share 100 things that most people don't know about me.

So here we go:

1. I've always wanted to try working as a postman (postwoman).

2. I HATE getting my oil changed. Not because costs money and it's time-consuming, but because I hate when the mechanics remind me how truly crappy my car is.

3. I love snacking on cookie dough. Yeah, you heard right..."snacking".

4. Before William, I had a strange obsession for anchormen... preferably Brian Williams, Stone Phillips, and Matt Lauer.

5. I could eat toasted marshmallows all day, everyday, and guess what?! National Toasted Marshmallows Day falls on my birthday.

6. I once rode on the same elevator as Prince... yes, Purple Rain, Prince. He was wearing a top hat and I was still taller than he was.

7. Sometimes, when I'm loading a stapler, I pretend that I'm loading a gun. And then I get tough and shoot the staples out.

8. I'm not a hat person because my head is abnormally large and most hats don't fit me... I wish I was exaggerating.

9. Cream cheese is my favorite food group.

10. I don't think Ringo gets enough credit.

11. N*Sync was my first concert. And Sisqo opened for them. And I enjoyed it. A LOT.

12. I'm always a little embarrassed when people say they saw me driving because the next thing I ask is if they also caught me lip synching or talking to myself. Without fail, I'm doing one of those.

13. I don't care that moths, crickets, or daddy long legs don't bite or harm you. If they come near me, I'll scream bloody murder.

14. At Paul McCartney's concert, I was in the front row and Paul and I gazed into each other's eyes and sang "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." That will forever be one of my favorite moments of all time.

15. If I really want a good laugh, I just have to tell William to dance. He'll have me laughing in tears within a minute.

16. Without fail, I cry when I watch the following movies: Apollo 13, Toy Story 3, and Saving Private Ryan. What is it about Tom Hanks that puts me to tears?

17. I really really really really miss new seasons of 24.

18. I don't care how many times I've seen every episode of Seinfeld. I'll still sit and watch it and I still think it's funny.

19. I hate hate hate hate blue-ray advertisements. I get it: I'll eventually have to replace all our DVDs 'cause you're taking over, so shortly after I finally stopped buying VHS's.

20. I want to dress like the children in the J.Crew (Crewcuts) catalog.

21. My goal is to be a hipster mom...but I can't, because I care too much.

22. One of my former 5th grade students thought that Sarah Palin was our Vice President... For some reason, this angered me and I was in a really bad mood for the rest of Social Studies.

23. My favorite Disneyland moment was when I rode Indiana Jones for the first time with William. He pretended to be swinging his "Indie" whip, but instead he whacked the poor stranger sitting behind us.

24. I LOVE going to airports.

25. I have to admit that I saw the Justin Bieber movie. I tried to come up with a valid excuse for seeing it like, "I only went cause William dragged me" or "I was just seeing why my 5th graders were all hyping about it". William didn't drag me. My former 5th graders hated the Biebs. I may have gotten chills a few times in the movie too.

26. What is it about my family and our addiction for cold, iced-up sodas in styrofoam cups? Seriously, I need one right now.

27. I consider myself a really good speller, except I always misspell the following words: unfortunetly and definetly. Curse those little red dotted lines.

28. I used to play Wall Ball with my students, and I don't care that they are only 10 years old, I WANTED TO CREAM THEM.

29. I get lazy sometimes, and that's why I can't think of 100 things about myself right now.

Yeah really that's it. I guess the other 71 things will have to wait. And sorry if you are disappointed because you were looking for something exciting or juicy.

Happy 100th post!!


  1. LOL! Awesome 100th, birthday girl! :-)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (and Happy 100th post)! I thought I'd comment on here instead of facebook :). To #27- My word is dissapointed, gets me every time. #28- I accidentally pegged a kid one time with the ball while we were playing... whoops!!

    Hope you had an awesome birthday!!

  3. I was going to comment to all 29 of these and then I decided to not be annoying and only comment on 3.
    #6 What the what????!!!!!
    #23 This made me laugh out loud
    #27 Me too! Well, I do not consider myself a good speller, but I can not spell definitely. I was just thinking the other day that I am going to make myself write it out a hundred times.

  4. N'Sync was my first concert too! It would have only been better if we went together! And yes, Jared and I are Beliebers as well.

  5. This makes me desperately want the rest of the list! I'm going to hold you to that other 71!