Thursday, August 11, 2011

Greer Part IV

(Do you see the burned areas in the above photo? Dumb Wallow Fire ruining the scenery.)

One thing I wanted to do while in Greer was take family pictures. Since we're low on funds, I couldn't hire a fancy photographer. And since I don't know much about fancy photography, I simply took my fancy camera and my fancy tripod and hoped for the best.

The first day we were there we went to the Greer Lakes. We set up the tripod my sisters-in law (thank you!!) snapped away. I suppose the trick is to just keep snapping. I think we took 70-80 pictures, but these were really the only ones that turned out:

The above photo is cute to me because you can see June's pacifier hanging out of her dad's pocket... so precious.

Not too shabby. I realize the coloring on some of them are funky, but I'm slowly learning the ways of Photo Editing.

Last Greer post is tomorrow!

Greer Part 5 is entitled "My Home Video That Only Those Who Are In It Will Enjoy". YES.


  1. These are all perfect, FANCY PICTURES!

  2. I like the photos, that lake is so pretty. I'm super jealous you got to hang in Greer. I love that place.

  3. beautiful photos!! it's usually not the fancy camera or the editing that makes good pictures. you guys are so cute and THAT'S why these are spectacular! ( even though your camera did do a great job and your editing was superb :)

  4. I think they turned out GREAT!! LOVE the color scheme! Nicely done!