Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The gifts that keep on giving

For my 27th Birthday, I received the following: a tooth, a tub of Crisco, and 3 kittens.

Care for an explanation?

A Tooth
June has been chewing everything in sight lately, and Tuesday afternoon I think I spotted a little tooth coming in. It could just very well be dent in her gums, but I think my little Junie is growin' up!

Tub of Crisco:
I told William that for my birthday I wanted a bunch of ingredients so I could bake more treats. He pulled through (very enthusiastically) and bought me several baking ingredients including a huge tub of Crisco. Can't wait to use them.

3 Kittens:
So last week, I was downstairs, and it was really late, and all of a sudden I heard some sort of animal screaming like a banshee. I got so scared and woke William up because I thought it was dying or being tortured, and he basically said, "Don't worry. I saw a cat run out from under our porch the other day. It's probably just that cat going nuts." Okay, so remember that was last week....
YESTERDAY, I went outside to water my plants and sitting in our yard was that cat feeding three little kittens. I froze. The cat then proceeded to lead the kittens back UNDER OUR PATIO, and then it took off over the fence. I ran inside, grabbed the flashlight, and looked under our deck.
I made a diagram to show a precise view of what I saw. The angle of the diagram is MY point of view looking under our patio.

Do you see the cat eyes?! Well guess what...THERE'S A FAMILY OF CATS LIVING UNDER OUR PATIO. I'm not sure how long they've been there but it's probably been a while, since they seem pretty settled with their cat furniture and mini fridge. (okay no furniture or fridge but wouldn't that be awesome?) Seriously, GET BACK HONKY CATS. We have got to get those cats out of there cause there's NO WAY I'm becoming a cat lady. OR one of those ladies from Hoarders that think they're taking care of a bunch of stray cats but then the cleaners find like 15 dead cats around their house. SO GROSS.

Oh and for some reason, William says the word "CAT" like this:

Anyway, no more cat talk. Let's talk more about my birthday:

So I was going to make an AMAZING cake for my birthday.
First, I made a bunch of mini donuts to decorate my cake with. I think that anything mini is adorable (except for mini cats living under our patio).
Then I made chocolate frosting for the cake... it turned out really gross. I decided I wasn't going to have a birthday cake at all...

...until we went to Krispy Kreme and created this beauty:

I didn't invent this Donut Cake idea, but I sure like it. And see the mini donuts? Aren't they precious? I'm going to try to create a better recipe for them, then share what I come up with on a later post.

So then, William and I went to all the 'Joe's' Birthday stops, starting with Joe's BBQ:

Thanks to my favorite people (the family Coombs) for joining us.

Then we went to Liberty Market and Farm Grill. I got a few pizzas for William and I to share.

Here are some of my real presents I collected today:

27 is going to be so fun, AFTER we get those cats out of our patio.


  1. DANG IT! I was going to send you a very funny and witty birthday text yesterday and then...I forgot. I am glad you had a happy birthday. And do I spy Austenland?? I think I will start re-reading it too.

  2. Oh manz, I was craving them doughnuts yesterday, I must had telepathically sent them to you on accident. Oh well, you're welcome!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

    Now. I want those cats trapped, piled up like a donut cake, and photographed.