Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Greer Part III

(The above picture was taken right before Easton said he pulled a "tortilla" from the stream... It was a soggy snakeskin.)

The next part of my Greer vacation series is about June's cousins.
Growing up, spending time with cousins in Greer was the best part. I have some wonderful (and slightly embarrassing) memories of my cousins, older and younger.

I hope that June will feel the same way about her's.

I love the above picture for 3 reasons:
1) Grant & Mitch's face
2) Emerson's jacket is backwards AND upside-down.
3) A couple of these kids are a little TOO good at being hobos... I won't say which ones.

London is slightly obsessed with June... she is always asking her parents to see pictures and home videos of Baby June, even when June is sitting right next to her.

June with Lincoln. Again, this kid is 2 months YOUNGER than June (with more hair and softer skin).

Uncle Will making a shirtless Lincoln laugh.

On a slightly unrelated note, I've been trying ways to take better photos with my fancy camera. Taking pictures of children is extremely hard for me.

Taking pictures of GROUPS of children wearing matching clothes (courtesy of Grandma Marilyn) is nearly impossible.

This one will have to do:

Next up: Our little Family Photos

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