Thursday, August 25, 2011

Take it easy

Remember when William accidently poured beef grease in my beautiful, buttery pie crust dough? Well, I accidently dropped his laptop on the kitchen floor... sooooo I think we're even now? (Don't worry, no damage to the computer itself, just a dent in the corner.)

Yesterday was one of those days where I made a long list of things to accomplish and I simply could not cross a single thing off. I would start something, get distracted, start something else, need something at the store, get tired, start something else, get bored, then start all over.

To top it off, June was being antsy and I couldn't figure out why... until I realized she wasn't first on my list.

So I dropped everything and just lounged on a blanket with her and read books and watched Cosby.

It was totally worth not getting anything done.


  1. You are a good mama.

    Also I NEED to hear the story of Will pouring the grease on your pie in person tomorrow, Okay?