Friday, September 2, 2011

Art the fart who blew up K-mart

Kent used to say that phrase in elementary school about a kid named 'Art'. Yeah, Art was kind of a jerk.

But today I'm not talking about Art the Fart...I'm talkin' about real art.

Andrea, of Pics-O-Andrea, is one of the most funny people I know. She is also an incredible artist.

She recently asked her readers to submit ideas for free artwork. Everyone should jump on this Crayola Wagon, cause this is a great opportunity to mooch off someone else's talents.

I drew a diagram of how to do it:

It's that easy... except of course you have to email her at

Oh, and are you curious about the balloon animal picture? It's here. Isn't it amazing? The bicep one is mine too. (Andrea is a good sport for taking my idiotic ideas.)

Thanks again, Andrea! That was fun.


  1. Anytime, dear Jenny. Anytime. Mine and Camaron's biggest regret before moving was never going on a double date or just hanging out with you and William. Can we please all play whenever we come back to the motherland???

  2. *and Kent should come too. Cause he's just funny

  3. I've been wondering who came up with brilliant idea of the balloon animal dog. It's my favorite one, by far. I should have known it was you! You should start a free art thing too. Only MS paint art. It would be a hit.