Friday, September 30, 2011

Grilled Cheese and the weekend

Last weekend was really really nice, but I know this weekend will be just as good.

To do:
- Eat Dunkin Donuts
- Make my costume and June's costume (I am so on top of this, thanks to a certain friend who is throwing her certain Halloween party VERY early in the month because it falls on a certain day... more about this after the actual party.)
- Decorate, Halloween style.
- Listen to the new Wilco album in between sessions of Conference. (Thank you for being alive, Jeff Tweedy.)
- Hang out with mom during Priesthood session (my favorite part of conference weekend... is that bad to say?)
- Compile and plan a list of dinners and desserts to make that are especially fitting for this time of year (I love love love fall.).
- Eat another one of these beauties:

AJ's Multi-Grain bread + Maple Bacon + 1 egg over-easy + Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese + Romaine lettuce + tomato + salt + pepper = Jenny's Bacon Grilled Cheese Please Sandwich

(I've been hesitating for a while eating an over-easy egg on a sandwich, but it was divine. Oh and the bread from AJ's is chewy/healthy heaven, not dry like most Multi-grain bread I've eaten.)

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