Sunday, September 4, 2011

Excited for...

It seems like I'm constantly checking my phone for news and updates because lots of my close family and friends are having babies soon (especially baby girls, hence the girly bunting).

I can't wait.

(And no, I'm not pregnant.)

Listening to: 'Many Shades of Black' by the Raconteurs. He has a perfect voice.
Anticipating: This movie. Finally, a movie about my favorite Beatle. William and I are really excited too that Tom Petty is in it.
Reading: Austenland... So fun. Thanks Connie and Debbie for the recommendation! (Carli, you're the first on my list to loan this to. Get ready.)
Snacking on: Blackberries and Spicy Nacho Doritos
Wearing: The same striped shirt too many times this week. It's the perfect material for this heat.


  1. I'm so stinkin excited for that movie too! And maybe I'll go ahead and get pregnant -for you, of course. Love the baby bunting:)

  2. Jenny...I hope you got my text about getting that lovely gift in the mail. I walk into the nursery 20 times a day and look at that hanging in her room. I LOVE IT!!! thank you thank you thank you...I can't wait till June and my girl play Barbies together. I think I will shed some tears of happiness!

  3. I like the quick updates at the end. I had a similar idea today for my blog. But because I work, I didn't get to it.

  4. And I would love that book for the beach house next weekend? pls?