Thursday, September 29, 2011


William's birthday was last week (the 23rd) and I failed to acknowledge it.

It was an extremely busy day.

Here's what happened: surprise visit at work with plenty of cupcakes, Gilbert's 4th Friday, Liberty Market, Joe's BBQ, Joe's Farmgrill, Cold Stone Creamery, Moneyball, tons of candy, Firehouse Subs, and hangin' with Chubbs.

I wish every weekend was like last weekend.

I'm so happy William was born. I love him for so many reasons, but here's just a few:
- He teared up a little bit when June rested her head on his shoulder.
- His appreciation for music is unlike anyone's. He can point out the most interesting things in even the most mundane songs.
- He makes up phrases that don't make sense like "Baby Sad" and "Mah Ice Cweam".
- He can make me laugh until my tummy hurts.
- His enthusiasm for the gospel. He's happy to share it with anyone and everyone (a habit I'm still trying to acquire).
- And he looks like this:

I'm so lucky.
Happy 26th, Loves.

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  1. Happy Birthday William! My favorite cousin-in-law I've never met!