Sunday, September 11, 2011

June's Developing Personality

- Needs her pacifier, blanket, and the fan blowing on her, to go to sleep. When everything is checked off, she turns on her side, closes her eyes, and rubs her blanket on her face until she falls asleep.

- Loves taking baths and looking at herself when she's wrapped in a towel.

- Bites on her fist when something is funny or exciting (like being thrown in the air).

- Loves wearing dresses so she can chew on them.

- If I'm eating a popsicle, I must share it with June.

- Loves to sip water from a straw (or rather smack her tongue to her lips when the straw is put to her mouth).

- Needs company (but beginning to get shy around strangers).

- Loves the feel of grass and Dad's hair.


  1. needs a fan blowing on her...she must have inherited that from the Dana side. she is so so cute. i can't wait to hang out all day with my own one of those :)