Friday, September 9, 2011

You to Thank

I just happen to read this talk again and decided I have lots to be grateful for.

Thanks to:
-William for handling raw meats when I don't want to and for being the best fusband (father + husband)
-June for being awesome when we run errands and drive in the car
-Family and In-laws for being supportive and making me laugh
-Friends for making food, playing games, and doing crafts
-The customers of QT for holding the door for me because I'm carrying a heavy carseat
-Apple computers for making a laptop so solid it can survive a drop to the kitchen floor, a drop to the classroom floor, and a few drips of ketchup and mustard on the keyboard. (William and I can't own nice things.)
-The month of September arriving so we can look forward to fall and holidays and sweaters and hot chocolate and pumpkin donuts at Krispy Kreme
-Chik-Fil-A for giving us our free breakfast anyway, even though our coupon isn't valid for another week
-The cats that lived under our porch for leaving, instead of dying and smelling
-The guy who lives down the street that William and I have only seen a few times but has been the target of many jokes because he is super sunburned so we call him "Lobster"

1 comment:

  1. We're thankful for your blog posts! And I'll bet William also thinks you're the best mife.