Monday, October 24, 2011

Ghosts and Ghostbusting

Today I'm sharing old and new Halloween traditions over at Pics-O-Andrea. See it here.

(Pics-O-Andrea is my homegirl. She's one of the few girls I know that appreciate 1990s pop culture as much as I do. Plus, she created this beauty:

you can buy it, plus many of her other prints here.)
Listening to: Ryan Adams "Ashes & Fire". Someone said it's the perfect album to listen to when you're getting in the mood for Fall. I think I agree.
Eating with regrets: candy corn. It always makes me feel a little yucky.
Currently obsessed with: Tiny Desk Concerts at NPR. Especially this one. I would love to work in an environment where musicians come to play in your workspace.
Itchin' to: play another game of Bonanza. I think I may have dreamt about it last night.
Already planning: the Coombs Halloween party for next year. Marci passed on the torch to me, and I've been thinking about it since. Here's just a preview of what will happen: flannel. Okay that's it, I'm not saying anymore about it until next October.

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