Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Fourth of Ghoul-y

I can always count on Daphne to throw a good party.

This year, she decided to throw it on the 4th of October, I mean, 4th of Ghoul-y.
Sorry for the detailed account, but I want to remember let's start with the hilarious email invitation:

Subject Header: Yankee Doodle Deadly

Greetings Boys and Ghouls,

As you may recall from the deep recesses of your mind, last year I had a spooky soiree in early October. Instead of the "10-10-10" Costume party, this year I'd like to celebrate The Fourth of Ghouly (Tuesday, October 4th) with a dinner party and game playing chenanigans (e.g. Alibi, Mystery Express, other murder themed games). It'll still be a costumed event so wear what you like or check out these patriotic ideas:

Deadsy Ross: creator of the American flag

Thomas Deadferson: dead president, architect, arch enemy of John Adams

Kill Bill Clinton: I'm not really sure this one works

Abraham Stinkin: wearer of top hats, hole in head

You get the idea. Let me know what you think. In the meanyime I need to finish the lyrics to my new song, "The Star Strangled Banner".

Daphne "gimme a reason to party. wait, don't need one." Lofgreen

Isn't that great?!

So, finally, the night arrive. Guests include the following...

TWO Rosie the Riveters:

Zombie Uncle Sam ("I WANT YOU.. to let me eat your brains?"):

And the hostess, which I THINK is Betsy Ross? Actually, I don't remember who she was but check out her sweet dance moves:

And the party details...

Daphne constructed a fireplace for the occasion:

Creepy Portraits (drawn by Ms. Ross):

Patriotic Banners:

Fun Times:

I'll show mine, William, and June's costumes on a later post (as soon as I can get a decent picture of all three of us). We didn't wear American costumes, however.

Instead, we did a British Invasion. (hint hint)

What a great way to start this spooky month.

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