Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ready to see your Halloween Party get schooled?

Well, we can all stop trying now.

The prettiest, yummiest, and most excellent Halloween party has happened... thanks to the party planning skills of my sister-in-law, Marci.

Here are the highlights:

Kids table (that's a mummy juice box), pretty decor, party favors:

Adult place settings:

Monster eyeballs (oreo truffles), Pumpkin Bones (Puffy Cheetos), Scabs (Beef Jerky), Witch Wands (Chocolate-dipped pretzals):

Vomit (Spinach dip), Cat Bites (cat-shaped sandwiches), Ghoulish Ghost Pops, Ghost Poop (Marshmallows):

Not to mention Hawaiian Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, Tortilla Soup & Chili (each served in pumpkin bread bowls), Strawberry Almond Salad (thanks mom), and these cupcakes (you're welcome).

Costumes were so good this year.

1. Kent, a cereal-killer. Tauna, a "news flash". Love them.
2. Ryan, Billy Mays. Sarah, a fairy (I wish you could see her eye makeup. GORGEOUS.)
3. Yours truly. Me, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. June, Octopus' Garden. William, Mr. Kite.
4. Grant, Larry Fitzgerald. Easton, Rocky Balboa. Mitch, a Warrior. Carson, Mario.

This little guy was a cherub. He wouldn't stop moving his legs, he seriously wanted to fly away.

London was an adorable Rapunzel, but I couldn't get a photo of her. (She was too busy with the fairy Sarah.)

I wish I took more pictures.

But here's a spooky tale:
Once upon a time, a man named Joe Rogan hosted a show called Fear Factor and forever changed the way Marci's Halloween parties were planned. Because her in-laws are a bunch of suckers for gift card prizes, we agreed to play her little fear factor game.

Here's a list of the rounds:
1. Drink soda through a baby bottle and burp the loudest.
2. Place pantyhose around your head and eat a banana.
3. Spell words using letters that are buried in a pile of worms.
4. Bobbing for apples... did I say 'apples'? I meant to say sausage, sardines, and pigs feet.
5. Eat various chocolate-covered bugs.

I suspected that Marci's goal is to just get someone to barf.
William barfed.
Mission accomplished.

Read more about Marci's party here. I can't wait to plan the next Halloween Party, only to have our family thoroughly disappointed that I can't live up to Marci's.

P.S. This was my favorite picture taken:

Fly Lincoln FLY!

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  1. Oh, how I wish I could attend that party. That picture of Lincoln is my favorite too :)