Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lens Flare

Tried it out on 2 of my favorite people:

I should try it more often.
Here are some failed attempts at lens flare, but I still love the way the photos turned out.


Waiting Impatiently: to cross off everything off my "No-Fun" list so I can start doing my "Fun" list. (What's on my "Fun" list? Repainting a desk, bake an apple pie from scratch, go to everything in here, paint chip art, finish this project, this one, and this one.)
Tasting: APPLES. The best right now.
Listening To: The Whole Love by Wilco... again and again and again.
Laughing At: these pictures. I wish I can see why they're so scared.
Excited: to finally get my haircut today. It's been 7 months. Gross.


  1. I super love these pictures! Thanks for being on top of documenting our trips and for taking pictures. I looked at that list of things to do in Mesa and we should pick out a few things to do. It would be crazy fun!

  2. Those pictures of the people getting scared are the best. Some of those faces are crazy. Also what is going on with the two pictured in a row of people walking through the haunted house in train formation?