Friday, October 14, 2011

Next Track on the Beatles Halloween Costume Playlist...

'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds':

This one's a given. Not much thought put into it really... but definitely fun to make. (Just so we're clear, those raindrops and 'Lucy' letters are both diamonds.)

It was so easy: I basically just glued everything on. I WAS going to stitch it all, but didn't.

I also got a new haircut. It hasn't been THIS short since high school. So now every time I look at myself in the mirror, I think about Gap overalls, learning how to drive in an Astro Van, and "Oops I Did It Again".

Man, I wish I was cooler in high school.


  1. Oh man the overalls...I have a picture where we went bowling with your family and you and I have matching haircuts, matching red shirts, and matching overalls.

    We. Look. Awesome.

    And speaking of awesome, I MUST know where that dress is from! I love what you did with it for your costume (seriously, is there no limit to how clever and creative you are?! IS THERE NO LIMIT?!!!!) but I want to marry that dress. For reals.

  2. HOLLY - I've only had about 5 of 6 a m a z i n g thrift stores buys in my lifetime, and this dress was one of them. I had some serious doubts about glueing cheesy jewels and clouds on it. I did it anyway (can't find a new blue dress in this fall season of ours.) BUT the dress is made by SHADE clothing. I looked on their website and they actually have some decent clothing.
    P.S. I have plenty of inspiration with my creativity, oh YYYYOOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!! I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for your Star Wars getup.

  3. Happy was the day that Kent totaled the minivan.