Thursday, October 13, 2011

Octopus' Garden

I would have loved to get a picture of all three of us in our costumes. I haven't mastered using my camera at night, and it gets dark too early now (not that I'm complaining about the changing seasons).

So I'll just show our costumes one at a time.

Of course, my favorite favorite favorite kind of Halloween costumes are the homemade kind, especially with kids. I can't tell you how excited I was to make June's costume.

We wanted to do a Beatles theme this year. The ULTIMATE would be Seargent Pepper's uniforms. But I can only sew a straight line. And I'm not sure if June would have worn a wig. (Or a thick moustache?)

So instead we decided to just be Beatles songs.

Presenting: Octopus' Garden.

Oh how I loved this.
I was inspired by this version, so I went from there...

I started with a purple hoodie and pants, found matching purple fabric, found fabric that resembled the "suction cups" underneath the tentacles, stuffing, and stitched eyes on the hood. The tentacles are simply sewn onto a purple strip of fabric, which is tied around her neck a couple times.

Here's the best shot I could get of her octopus eye:

Doesn't this make you want to shout and swim about
the coral that lies beneath the waves?!


  1. This is beyond adorable!!!! I wish I had 8 arms so I could scoop her up, and suction cups so she couldn't get away from me.

  2. Super amazing! June is one lucky girl to have such talented and inventive parents. :)