Monday, October 24, 2011

A weekend full of favorites

(My favorite things are highlighted in RED. Check it.)

Friday night:
-Din din with friends at JOE'S BBQ (it's one of my top 3 favorite places to eat).

-Started Wonder Years on Netflix... and so it begins.
-Ward Fall Festival. William participated in the haunted house, of course, as Dr. Frankenstein. He forced young, crying children to touch brains, dried ears, vomit, etc.
-William also made a killer pot of chili, which is my favorite fall dinner.
-Took some fun pictures from the photobooth at the festival:

-Oh it doesn't end there. We had some good friends come over to play my new favorite game, Bonanza. Oh how I love to be competitive with competitive people. AND I won for the first time ever.

-A nap (which is very rare these days)
-Delicious taco salad for dinner with Mi Amigos salsa (thanks mom and dad)
-Ate 6 chocolate chip cookies (the Nestle Tollhouse recipe was SO GOOD... who knew?)
-Played a fantastic game of Sequence (I witnessed an amazing win by Tauna: TWO sequences in one move for the win = amazing.)

And if Mondays were part of the weekend, I would tell you that I'm making pumpkin cupcakes and we're going to the annual Coombs Family Halloween Bash tonight. Can't wait to share what happens.