Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Last weekend, my brother Jay invited us to his in-law's cabin. It was loads of fun, and the weather is mighty perfect right now. I haven't been outside this much in a LONG time.

Here's what we did...

Hung out at the cabin.

(The perfect couch?)

Target practice with BB guns (Jay won the contest, but Easton and Mitch rocked those army men. Oh and William tried to cheat.)

Walked downtown.

Candy Store.

Ate good food. (Not pictured: Mary's oh-so-delicious bean burritos)

Stopped by the lake. (where we were attacked by bees)

Ate ice cream.

And finally, we bit off the heads of bats.

Just kidding. This was taken after Emerson ate ice cream... or had a meeting with the Joker?

Plenty good times.

Thanks Jay and Mary! I'd love to see what your cabin looks like in the snow! (hint hint.)

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