Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful Day 11

(The last couple days have been extremely busy. This should have been posted on Friday, November 11.)

Today, I spent the day with mom organizing and cleaning my downstairs. I have some big plans for my house in the next couple months (and by 'big plans', I simply mean painting, organizing, rearranging, decorating, etc.) This was a good head start.

Here's a picture of June seeing our clean house for the first time in a long time:

Today I am thankful for a clean downstairs (I don't even want to talk about my upstairs), time spent with my mom (who brings a fresh perspective when it comes to organizing my house), and an understanding husband (he understands that I need Coke Zero at 7pm, so I can stay up until 1am getting ready for our yard sale on Saturday).

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  1. My mom was here for only 1 day this month, and she spent half of it organizing my house. How did we get so lucky??