Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful Day 9

I'm too tired to upload new photos these last couple days.
So here's one from a few months ago:

My mom and I have this habit of becoming obsessed with something that is very difficult to find. We think it started when I was in high school and I wanted to find a specific pair of shoes that they apparently didn't make for the gargantuan hooves that are my size 10 feet. We searched store after store after store after store. And finally we found them.

Just last week, I wanted to get June a very specific pair of pants, and my mom and I searched four different Targets until we found them in her size.

And then today, we (yet again) were out to find this very specific holiday decor. We drove all the way to Phoenix to an extremely large store that didn't have exactly what I needed. We're still brainstorming other possible stores. Sometimes this habit is very annoying (but we like to call it 'adventurous').

I probably sound like a spoiled child, but that's beside the point. The point is, I have a selfless mom.

Today I am thankful for my mom, who would probably climb Mount Everest to get me these shoes in a size 10.

Thank you, mom, for going on adventures with me.

Here's a gift for you: It's a two minute and forty-seven second video of your two youngest grandchildren. The adorable-ness of this clip will make you want to squeeze them again. Enjoy.


  1. Thankful for Mom too!!!! Simply the best Mom ever!!!- Joe

  2. I agree! Your mom is fabulous! She searched all over for me for a VERY HARD TO FIND Rapunzel doll at the Disney Store for London. She's got that magic touch! :)

  3. um that video is so cute! Watch out for June when she learns how to walk! I was laughing so hard at her little legs.

    And I love your mom, she is so awesome.

  4. Marilyn takes me on adventures too! From Santa Barbara, all the way to DC. LOVE her.