Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful Day 13

Today was splendid.

We had our Primary Program today, and while I sat with June in the audience, William sat with our Sunbeams on stage. He did a great job keeping things in control, although next year I'm going to suggest they give William a microphone during the singing parts.

Then we came home, ate lunch, napped, played, ate pizza for dinner, and drank hot chocolate for dessert (Hot chocolate + 1/2 Fun size Hershey Bar + Whipped cream = Comfort Drink). We always get really tired after drinking hot chocolate, so William went to bed early, while I spent some time catching up on my posts.

Again, June was a champ today. She slept in late enough for me to get ready in time. And getting her ready for church is becoming one of my new favorite things. (I decided I need to take more pictures of her in her Sunday outfits, I am loving dressing her up.)

One more thing about June that I absolutely love: when you know she's tired, all you have to do is give her a pacifier and blankie, place her in her crib, turn on her fan, turn off the light, and shut the door. That's it. She just goes to sleep, it's amazing.

Oh and she's into snuggling lately:

I hope this phase doesn't end soon.

Today I am thankful for our Sunbeams, snuggling babies, and hot chocolate.


  1. That picture is so. dang. cute.
    She is such a cutie. I am glad she goes to sleep when she is tired. That is so nice.