Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful Day 7

I got so much done today:
1. Shredded documents for my dad
2. Ikea run with the Holly & C
3. Finished sewing some fall decorations
4. Made amazing pasta sauce (will share tomorrow)
5. Cleaned out car (It was disgusting)
6. I'm not sure if this counts, but after a few weeks of harassment, William finally got his haircut. He looks adorable.

And to top it all off, the sky looked like this ALL DAY:

Today I am grateful for old friends (with cute kids), Happy Hour at Sonic, fresh basil, and COLD weather.

Listening to: Cassadaga by Bright Eyes. It's dreamy.
Eating: a banana. I actually shared it with June, her first time eating it. She liked it until she bit off a chunk, then she gagged.
Anticipating: Thanksgiving. You are not coming soon enough.
A little annoyed: at drivers lately. A lady honked at me today for something that was not my fault, and it woke up June. You think just because you drive a BMW, you can go around honkin' at everyone that gets in your way and wake up all the babies around you?! June will have her revenge.
Searching for: the perfect winter hat for June. So far, I've only found this one. $58? C'mon really?


  1. I'm so glad we got together! Next time let's meet at my house or yours and craft? Or you can make me some of this amazing food I keep seeing on your blog?

    And hats...I'm totally getting C this one:

    Yes, it is a boys hat but I just can't resist it!

  2. I just typed in "owl hat" on Etsy and was enthralled by cutiness. Enthralled. Can't wait to see your crafty crafts