Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful Day 12

(Again, busy weekend... this should have been posted Saturday, November 12th.)

Today was a little chaotic.

We had a community yard sale this morning. The Daniels came to keep us company and bring breakfast. We made 50 bucks, 20 more than we thought we would make.

While William went to the Primary Program Practice, I stayed home with June and got our house ready for tonight, our monthly Suppa' Club meeting. June was a champ today. She napped during times that I needed to do some serious work.

After that, William filmed a video. (More details about that later.)

Then it was Suppa' Club time. It was one of my favorite meals we've ever done. I'll post more on that later... but here's a sneak peek:

Today, I am grateful for good friends (the kind that bring breakfast to your yard sale and also the kind that dress up like Native Americans for good times).

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