Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful Day 20-27

My goal to do a "Thankful" post everyday in the month of November was just a little too much for the week of Thanksgiving. You'll understand why as you read on.

I call this photo "RED HAIR."

I'm sad because not everyone we spent the fun week with is in the above photo. (We'll try again next time.)

The following is a list of things I am thankful for during my week spent in Utah with my in-laws (in no particular order):

Michael's Talk
Andrew's Blessing
Bradford Time Zone
DP Cheesesteaks (with Jalepeno cream cheese)
Biscuits and Gravy
Minor Sheep Threat Shirt (see above photo)
Thanksgiving Dinner
Leather Jacket
Daniel's Red Scarf
Cafe Rio
Pumpkin Gas
Baby Kensley's arrival
Ripped Diamondback Shirt
Double Features
80's Bully David
Vitamix Smoothies
Bacon Wrapped Turkey
Surprising Big David and breaking his bed
Denting Big David's car with basketball hoop
Kitchen Cooking arguments
Dirt Tooth Construction Projects
Dirt Tooth arguments about job title positions
Sleepless Nights
Back Seat Drivers
Everyone yelling that the rolls were burning and they weren't
Chapstick Smoothie
Nelli's (Martinelli's)
Tates (Potatoes)
Walk through Bethlehem
Old Man Angel sitting on high perch hidden in the corner
22 people sleeping in one house
Jam Sessions
Purchasing one refillable beverage but sharing it
Robs mad
Five Guys
Sonic tots in freezing cold weather
Old Navy Quick Change
Walmart Trips
Triple Double Oreos
Leather Jacket Draw the Line Dance
Tight gas
Spent $20 beating the Terminator Salvation Arcade game in a leather jacket
Uncle David dancing to Atlanta Rhythm Section
Vernors and Egg Nog
Everyone getting tough in car rides

Doesn't this list sound like the greatest week ever? I'll elaborate on a few of those later.

Also, it might sound like I'm complaining on a few things listed, but I promise I'm not. It was all good times.


  1. Oh hi Jenny. :)
    I just had to comment because I saw the picture and immediately thought "Hey! I took that picture!" and I'm happy I know what some things on the list are referencing. Anyway, glad I could meet you!

  2. LOVE THIS. Oh, it sounds like such a stinkin fun week! Yes, PLEASE elaborate! Especially on the terminator salvation game wearin leathers and the old man sitting on a high perch hiding in a corner

  3. I was mad that I didn't get to taste any of the saline solution rubber glove smoothie... I'll give you two stink beans for a smear of hummus.